Who are the Old Catholics?
HISTORY of the Old Catholic Church
Old Catholic Diocese of 
New England
The Old Catholic Church:  Ancient Faith.
Welcoming and Inclusive Church.
Serving the Modern World 

The Old Catholics are a body of Christians united to Christ by our baptism.  Having received a new, Christ-centered identity, our lives are no longer our own, thus we are committed to the person of Jesus Christ and his teaching.  We confess our faith in Jesus as proclaimer of the Good News -- God's love made personally present to each of us.  We accept and believe the testimony of his Apostles, who were eyewitnesses to his life among us, his death on the Cross, his resurrection from the dead, and his ascension into heaven.  These eyewitnesses passed on their own testimony about about how God reached out to humanity through Jesus.  By proclaiming Jesus’ Gospel and by giving their own testimonies (which we call the Apostolic Tradition), the Church was built up. 

We accept these essential Catholic beliefs 
  • The authority of the canonical Bible (Hebrew and Christian books) as interpreted by tradition and reason as a revelation of God and guide to Christian faith and living. 
  • The articles of faith as set forth in the Creeds of the Ecumenical Councils of the Church. 
  • We maintain the historic Apostolic Succession of bishops, who are elected by the local church in which and for whom they serve. 
  • We accept and celebrate the seven sacraments of the Church. 
  • The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. 
  • We believe that faith in Christ is made known by works of love and service leading to a life of holiness. 
  • We believe in the Communion of Saints and by prayer seek their guidance and support in our life of faith. 

We are related to the Old Catholic Churches of Europe (Union of Utrecht)
Formed in 1871 by Roman Catholic bishops and laity who did not accept the new doctrine of Papal Infallibility and the universal jurisdiction of the Pope to decide matters of faith and morals. Like Orthodox and Anglican Churches, we are autonomous of the jurisdiction of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. 

We Are Inclusive

No distinctions are made on the basis of sex, race, gender orientation or identity, class, disability, marital status, divorce or remarriage, views on birth control or abortion. We welcome all who believe in Christ to the Baptismal Font and to the Table of the Lord. We offer the Sacrament of Marriage to both opposite-sex and same-sex couples, regardless of the law; this Church actively seeks to overturn the law that forbids same sex marriage. We ordain qualified men and women to all levels of ministry. We believe that Church is called to be a sign of God's unconditional love in the world and a reconciling presence helping to break down the dividing walls that separate us from a sense of our shared humanity and kinship in God our Creator.