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Christ Sophia Faith Community continues to worship in the home of two of our members. We recently changed the time of worship from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon. We are hoping to better meet the needs of our children and maybe increase our attendance. Our focus in the last few months has been engaging the children more in worship. We have a wide variation in ability and attention spans. Isabel has been doing the readings and is gaining confidence, requiring less and less assistance from the adults. Ruben is learning more of our familiar hymns and enjoys singing. The little ones are learning the rhythms and patterns of worship and are able to anticipate what is coming next. We are all growing in our love of Christ and in our learning how to be church.

One of our outreach commitments is to ABODE: Contemplative Care for the Dying. In November, ABODE has its ground breaking to build the home that, hopefully this Spring, will begin to care for guests at the end of life. Soon classes will begin to train the 80 volunteers needed to keep ABODE running smoothly.

This is what is happening in our Faith Communities
St. Anthony's Bible Study is going well. We have not increased in size, but we have decided to meet twice a month during the winter! 

We just finished studying the parables found in the first section of Mathew.

Attached is a powerpoint - if you would like to view what we did last week!